Watering can manufacturers store attention to moisture


The products of the watering can manufacturers are ofte […]

The products of the watering can manufacturers are often used in watering or spraying in daily life. When we use it, we only know the convenience of him, but in many cases it will ignore this and his storage and maintenance. So you know, we should do its moisture-proof work when storing.

Whether it is used to water the flowers or spray pesticides, its use is inseparable from water, and we usually clean him after the end of use. At this time, we should pay attention to ensure that the water in the watering can is completely evaporated and then stored. Otherwise, the residual moisture will easily cause moisture and mildew inside. For products that are damp and mildewed, the quality of the product will be affected when it is used again, either contaminating the water or causing drug contamination. And we should also be aware that moldy spores can cause harm to our bodies in the air.

Therefore, we should pay attention to its dryness and cleanness when using it. After use, we can dry it in a cool, ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight, which can slow down its aging, ensure that it is stored in the warehouse without moisture.