Application of handheld sprayer


  First install the sprayer in accordance with the […]


First install the sprayer in accordance with the instruction manual to keep it in good condition. Leaks are not allowed in the gas report, and every part of the connection will not leak or leak. Test spraying must be performed before spraying. After filling the prepared medicine solution into the medicine box, the step switch must be turned off. The chemical solution must be filtered, otherwise the nozzle is easily clogged, and the liquid medicine cannot exceed the water level line marked on the outside of the cartridge. If it is filled with liquid medicine, it can easily enter the top of the pipe through the small hole in the pipe, which will affect the work. For small-flow spraying, the nozzle with an opening of 0.7 mm must be replaced.

Otherwise, if a large-diameter nozzle is used, not only mist will be collected, but medicine will be wasted, and a lot of work will be required. Before spraying, shake the rocker 6 to 8 times to make the air chamber reach working pressure before spraying. If you shake the joystick and feel heavy, do not use too much force to avoid poisoning caused by the explosion of the air chamber. Do not use strong corrosive pesticides to avoid damage to the equipment. After use, parts must not be placed in the medicine cabinet to prevent corrosion and affect the shelf life. Before spraying, measure the flow rate of the liquid. Use a one-way tee spray method when spraying. Depending on the height of the crop and the object to be controlled, you can use directional spray or interlaced spray.