Care and use of handheld sprayers


  The hand-held sprayer is one of the products pro […]


The hand-held sprayer is one of the products produced by the hand-held sprayer manufacturers. It has multiple functions and must be maintained even during use, which will be more useful in its use.

Hand-held sprayers are usually made of plastic, so after use, they should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated place rather than under direct sunlight to accelerate aging and reduce performance. Also, do not place it in a humid, dark place, as the water in the bucket can cause mold and is difficult to clean. In addition, if you use it as a medicine, you should wash your hands before using it. Maintenance of the hand-held sprayer is also very important, and care should be taken if improper maintenance will affect its use.

The first is to open the sprayer lid. If there are two layers of lids, open the large lid. Then pour a small amount of water and add the pesticide. If the pesticide is powdery, use a stick-shaped utensil to stir until dispersed or even. Just put in the right amount of water and close the lid and you are ready to use. During use, please use the handheld cover to press the air inward. When the air is full, you can press the nozzle to spray flowers and trees. Handheld sprayers should pay attention to safety during use, and don't let the pesticide spray themselves to ensure safety.