Handheld sprayer adjustment


Hand-held sprayer manufacturers said that it is inevita […]

Hand-held sprayer manufacturers said that it is inevitable to use the sprayer in life, and we should pay attention to the adjustment of the sprayer when using it, in order to better use its effect.

First, add water to check if there is any water in the connection between the medicine box and the sprayer. Pour the clean water into the medicine box, select a certain pressure, open the manual switch for one minute, let the liquid flow into a container, and then measure the egg. Spray according to the actual working condition, the direction of the spray hole is consistent with the wind direction, open the switch for half a minute, the Pet sprayer bottle rod does not move, observe the width of the soybean leaf spray wet, this width is called the effective spray width. Then take another step and swing the boom one at a time to observe the direction. Continue to adjust until the meeting that meets our needs can be applied to the actual application.

We should also maintain the sprayer when it is used. After use, it should be cleaned and dried before being stored. This will ensure the use of the sprayer and its service life.