Handheld sprayer air tightness testing is very important


Hand-held sprayer manufacturers have strict requirement […]

Hand-held sprayer manufacturers have strict requirements on the quality of their products at the time of production. We also know that its use is carried out by using air pressure. If its sealing performance is not up to standard, it will not be able to achieve water spray.

Therefore, in the production and processing, the manufacturer will test its air tightness. The method of detecting the tightness is to carry out an appropriate amount of glass balls in each bottle and screw the caps. Then place it in a container with a suction device, immerse it in water, and evacuate it to a vacuum for 2 minutes. There must be no water or bubbles in the bottle. Only through testing can it be used, and of course, other economic indicators such as sex, moisture resistance and control are needed to ensure the quality of shelf life products.

When we usually use it, the bottle with liquid can be squeezed by hand, usually it will be inflated. If it is found that there is a grip, it indicates that it has a leak, and the cause of the problem should be solved.