How to adjust the head of the watering can


  Watering cans produced by watering can manufactu […]


Watering cans produced by watering can manufacturers have become a very widely used tool in our life, and have a good effect in watering flowers or planting plants.

In fact, the place where the watering can works is mainly the nozzle, especially the amount of water spray, which determines the performance of its use. The watering can now be adjusted in terms of the amount of water sprayed by the nozzle, for some plants. It is said that I don't like the spraying of large amounts of water, so I have to adjust it a little, so we need to pay special attention when using it. If the plants are larger, the spray volume can be fully enlarged, and it is very convenient to use.

The watering can nozzle is adjusted to make it easier for us to use, and it is also good for plants because your atomized water droplets are easier for plants to absorb.