How to maintain the watering can


  The watering can produced by the watering can ma […]


The watering can produced by the watering can manufacturer is very widely used in the life, but how does its maintenance work proceed? Do you notice?

Watering cans are generally used for watering flowers or some green plants. They are usually placed on the balcony when they are used, but they must be taken care of after use, that is, they should not be placed on the balcony and exposed to direct sunlight. Because the watering can is usually made of plastic as raw material, it is very sensitive to direct sunlight. When it is placed in the sun, it will affect its quality, accelerate its aging, and don't put it in a dark and humid place. Prevent mold and odor.

The watering can brings great convenience to our use, so we should pay attention to the maintenance when using it, let it continue to bring us convenience.