How to make a simple watering can


  The watering can produced by the watering can ma […]


The watering can produced by the watering can manufacturer is a product that we often use in our daily life, but in fact, in addition to wanting to buy a business, we can also make a simple watering can.

In fact, the mineral water bottle after drinking the water is a good material for making a simple watering can. Unscrew the bottle of mineral water that has been drained, and then use the needle to make a few holes on the cap. The size and number of holes can be determined according to our usage. It is also important to arrange the holes. Generally do not line up in a row, the chaotic arrangement is better. There is also the need to hold the water bottle by hand when spraying water, otherwise the water will not spray.

The method of making a simple watering can is actually very simple, and the materials needed are very simple, and can be made anytime and anywhere as long as needed.