How to regulate the operation of the sprayer


Handheld sprayer manufacturers' products are widely use […]

Handheld sprayer manufacturers' products are widely used in some agriculture, and in order to ensure its quality, we should start with the standard operation, because the correct use is the best maintenance for it. .

When using, it should be adjusted according to the size of the droplets, and the soil or branches should be treated and adjusted to a medium size. In practical applications, it should be flexibly controlled to ensure the quality of the work. Master the occurrence and occurrence of pests and diseases, especially sensitive crops and sensitive growth period must be carefully mixed to prevent phytotoxicity. It is not suitable for spraying on windy days and foliar condensation. It does not work under high temperature or strong light environment to ensure the quality of work and crop safety. There are two types of nozzles: fan spray and cone spray. The long spray bar is suitable for low-stalk short crops to increase the spray width and improve efficiency. The short spray bar is suitable for the orchard, and the three-dimensional space is convenient to operate, which can ensure the spray effect.

After use, please pay attention to cleaning, to avoid residual pesticides will corrode the container of the sprayer, you can clean it several times with water, then dry it in a cool environment to avoid direct sunlight exposure and prevent it from aging.