How to repair the watering can after damage


The products of the watering can manufacturer are very […]

The products of the watering can manufacturer are very widely used in our lives, and we should pay attention to its proper use when using it, but how should we repair it when it is damaged?
In fact, it is inevitable that there will be a list of points when it is used. For example, if it is damaged into a crack, it can be burned into a dark red steel saw blade. In the pre-washed and dried cracks, the plastics at both ends of the crack are gently pressed in order. Wipe in the middle of the crack until all the cracks are filled with the hot-melted plastic of the hacksaw strip and stop cooling. Of course, glue can also be used for sticking, and the appropriate way can be selected according to different environments.
Of course, we should also pay attention to the use of it, we should do different maintenance according to its use environment, do not let it be affected by the environment or it will affect its service life.