How to repair the watering can


  The watering can manufacturer's production of wa […]


The watering can manufacturer's production of watering can is the most frequently used watering flower, but what if the watering can is broken? How to fix it?

In fact, the watering can we usually say is broken. In more cases, the nozzle or the spring is broken. Because the body is not so easy to damage, it is necessary to repair the nozzle and check the nozzle. If the position is blocked or other problems, repair it if it can be repaired. If it is really impossible to repair, you need to change the nozzle. If the pressurized spring is broken, you can only change one. Under normal circumstances, the possibility of a broken body is small.

For the repair of the watering can, we must first find out the reason, because only by finding the cause, we can find the right solution and find the correct solution.