How to use electric sprayers safely


  Electric sprayers, as products produced by water […]


Electric sprayers, as products produced by watering can manufacturers, use a lot of frequencies in agriculture, but how to use them safely is a matter of great concern to us.

During use, operators should wear masks, gloves, etc., wear long trousers, or wear special overalls. Wash hands with soap after work to avoid poisoning. If the liquid enters the eyes, skin, etc., immediately rinse with plenty of water to prevent poisoning. The water level should not exceed the water level line to prevent the outflow of the liquid medicine, and also prevent the ultra-medium and shorten the service life. The pressure on the left hand is even, and the swing in the right hand is large, so that the area to be sprayed is large. Try to spray in windless weather. Unused pesticides are disposed of properly.

The safe use of electric sprayers is very important. It is about the safety of our lives. If not handled well, it will threaten our health.