Impeller knowledge in sprayers


  The impeller is one of the important parts in th […]


The impeller is one of the important parts in the sprayer, which directly affects the spray quality. The impeller is composed of a front impeller and a rear impeller, and the front impeller and the rear impeller are connected by eight fixed pins. The rear impeller has a 1.5 mm thick shoulder on each side of each pin hole, so that there is a certain distance between the two pins after the front and rear impellers are assembled. After installing the front and rear impellers, the hand-held sprayer manufacturers rotate the impeller by pressing one end of the small motor shaft.

The front and rear impellers are disc-shaped, which mainly prevents the medicinal solution from falling or directly discharged on the surface of the impeller, which causes phytotoxicity. In order to make the fog points more uniform, 36 are carved on the outer edges of the two impellers. The semi-pyramid-shaped teeth will reduce the adhesion of the film attached to the surface of the impeller, and will become the initial release point of the fog point when discarded, so the liquid medicine will discard the filaments periodically.

One end of the waterproof cover tightly covers the front impeller shaft with a 7mm diameter hole, and the other end protrudes into a groove at the end of the motor casing to prevent the motor shaft from being exposed to liquid and rust. Rotate at high speed, the chemical liquid will pop up and prevent the chemical liquid from penetrating into the motor and cause corrosion. You can also apply grease to the waterproof sleeve to increase bearing lubrication and extend the life of the motor.

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