Instructions for use of watering can


  Watering cans produced by watering can manufactu […]


Watering cans produced by watering can manufacturers are very common in our lives, but we should take a look at its instructions when using them.

Take the gel coat as an example, let's see what the instructions for use are. First install the nozzle on the aluminum cover and place the paper cup in the plastic cup. The prepared gel coat is then poured into a paper cup, the lid is covered, and held vertically upward. Then insert the nozzle into the nozzle of the watering can, and then fix the plastic cup on the watering can. Hold the handle of the watering can, and while tilting the watering can, pull the trigger to the working position. According to the actual use, determine the amount and color used.

The instructions for using the watering can are very important to us, because if used improperly, it will cause us a lot of trouble.