Introduction of the watering can


The watering can produced by the watering can manufactu […]

The watering can produced by the watering can manufacturer has a wide range of applications in life, and its accessories are also one of the important products, and its nozzle is a very important part.

The size of the sprayed water droplets can be controlled by adjusting the rotating copper nozzle. When watering, the nozzle can be adjusted larger, and when spraying or spraying, it can be smaller. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, novel structure and adjustable nozzle, and the size and the range of the water drop can be adjusted at any time according to the use environment, and the use is flexible. It is a durable product for watering, cleaning and de-worming in gardens. It can be used for disinfection, watering, and watering of ironing clothes. It is widely used and is a must-have for modern families.

The role of the watering can is very powerful. Its flexibility and versatility determine the use of the watering can also have multiple functions, so it has many benefits when used.