Pay attention to the maintenance when using the watering can


Watering cans produced by watering can manufacturers ha […]

Watering cans produced by watering can manufacturers have a wide range of functions and play a large role in various industries, but they must be mainly maintained during use.
The first point is that you must pay attention to the method of use when using it. The correct method of operation is the most important, which can extend its service life. Regardless of the press type or the squeeze type, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements. The second is the disposal problem after use, it should be cleaned up in time, and then stored, this will ensure that the watering can is clean, does not affect the next use. Finally, the storage environment should be kept dry and ventilated to prevent bacterial growth.
The maintenance of the watering can is a very important task. When it is maintained, it can prolong its service life and it is also convenient for us.

First of all, in the production, the watering can should be guaranteed to be non-fragile, non-rusting, oil resistant, and highly corrosive, so as to maintain performance during use. Be careful when using it for maintenance. Do not exceed the capacity of the liquid to carry it. There is a danger of blasting. For volatile drugs, reduce the shaking during use. There is also the need to clean in time to avoid the residue of pesticides not only affect the next use, but also cause the aging of the watering can.

For the summer, when the high temperature is high, the flammable materials should be protected from fire and fire. Of course, the used watering can also need to be protected, and can be stored in a dry and cool warehouse.