Precautions when using electric sprayer


  As one of the products produced by watering can […]


As one of the products produced by watering can manufacturers, the electric sprayer has a very wide range of use, but there are still some precautions when using it.

First of all, you must carefully read the manual of the machine before using it, and grasp its structure and performance. Everything should be used according to the instructions, and do not operate by yourself. The second is that when using the machine, you must follow the specific procedures for operating the machine, and pay attention to the methods of maintenance. You cannot deal with things casually. The third is that agricultural machinery has a limited number of functions, and there are regulations on the speed of trucks, so you must pay attention when running. Finally, do not use the faulty electric sprayer, so it must be maintained and maintained in a timely manner.

The above are the precautions when using the electric sprayer. Through the introduction above, I believe that everyone already has a certain understanding, then you must pay attention to it when using it.