Sprayer maintenance and common faults


  In addition to using and maintaining backpack sp […]


In addition to using and maintaining backpack sprayers in strict accordance with the requirements of the product manual, the handheld sprayer manufacturers should also pay attention to the following points during maintenance.

1. Before installation, the new cowhide bowl in Type 16 sprayer should be immersed in machine oil or animal oil and soaked for 24 hours. When installing the plug stem assembly to the pump barrel, take care to place one side of the cowhide bowl on the pump barrel at an angle, and then turn to straighten the plug rod. Use your other hand to press the edge of the bowl into the pump barrel. Load it without any problems, and don't try to stop people.

2. Select the appropriate nozzle and nozzle as required. Double T-spray sprayer and four-spray direct sprayer are suitable for wide spray. U-type double sprayer sprayer can be used to spray crop rows. It is suitable for spraying medium on both sides between rows. Large holes have large flow, thick droplets, large spray angle, and small holes, small flow. Small droplets are the opposite of smaller spray angles.

3. No impact of sprayer During operation, please pay attention to controlling the height of the spray head so that the mist flow of each spray head overlaps each other, and the amount of mist is evenly distributed on the entire spray gun frame, which is suitable for all applications of herbicides.