What are the quality requirements for watering cans?


  The watering can manufacturers have a lot of req […]


The watering can manufacturers have a lot of requirements for the quality of the watering can. After all, this is related to the quality of our use, so it is normal to have requirements.

The first point is that the hardness of its components is large, especially some small-sized watering cans, which are often made of raw materials. If they fall from high places inadvertently, they are easily broken, so they are produced. When you must strictly control the quality, there should be attention to the place where the nozzle is out of the water, do not block, spray the air as much as possible, so that the water is more convenient. For those watering cans made of clinker, the volume is relatively large, and the quality is relatively soft, but care should be taken to prevent deformation.

For the quality requirements of the watering can, the manufacturer must strictly control, so that when used, it can really bring us convenience.