What is the holding environment of a hand held sprayer


The sprayer produced by the hand-held sprayer manufactu […]

The sprayer produced by the hand-held sprayer manufacturer has a very good effect, and it also has certain requirements for its storage environment, which can prolong the service life.

The first is to maintain a good ventilation environment, preferably in a cool dry place, because the temperature and humidity in the air can be kept in a relatively balanced state, which is very beneficial for the preservation of the sprayer. The second is to stay away from heat and fire. Because hand-held sprayers are made of plastic, the requirements for high temperatures and fire sources are relatively high. There is also no contact with chemicals. Some items are toxic and can corrode the sprayer itself, affecting its quality of use.

For the storage environment of the handheld sprayer, we must pay attention to it, which is also related to its own quality, but also affects our use.