What to avoid when using watering can


The first is to avoid being placed in the sun, because […]

The first is to avoid being placed in the sun, because the current watering cans are made of plastic, and the plastic will accelerate its aging under the sunlight, so it must be used well when used. The second is to avoid being placed in a damp place, because the wet place will breed bacteria, cause mold on the inner wall, etc., affecting normal use, so it should be avoided. Then there is no strong impact, it will cause a certain degree of damage, in case of seriousness, it will be scrapped and cannot be used.

When using, we should first connect the powder spray head and the powder spray pipe, tighten the screws on the large tight ring, and then put the ribbed end of the spray pipe into the groove of the hose. The powder spray pipe and the fan unit are connected by a hose, and can swing freely up and down and left and right according to the operation requirements. However, care should be taken not to crush the hose, block the air duct, and cause the fan to build up. After the spraying work is completed, the residual powder in the barrel should be wiped clean and the powder spray tube should be removed. The residual powder inside and outside the tube is also cleaned, and then shaken a few times to blow off the powder remaining in the fan to prevent the powder from accumulating moisture and agglomerate, blocking the passage, corroding the barrel and parts, and even affecting the service life.