How should the sprayer be used?


The products of the hand-held sprayer manufacturer are […]

The products of the hand-held sprayer manufacturer are very widely used in our life, and we should pay attention to its correct operation and maintenance when using it in order to ensure its correct operation and effect. How should we operate it?

First, install the sprayer according to the requirements in the instruction manual to keep it in good condition. The gas shall not leak, and the joints shall not leak or leak. Do a test spray before spraying. When the prepared liquid is loaded into the medicine box, turn off the straight-through switch. The liquid must be filtered, otherwise it will easily block the orifice. The liquid can not exceed the water mark marked outside the cartridge. If it is overfilled, the liquid can easily enter the upper part of the cylinder through the small hole above the cylinder, affecting the work. Do not use strong corrosive pesticides to avoid damage to the implement. After use, the parts must not be placed in the liquid tank to prevent corrosion and affect the service life.

Of course, when using it, we should also pay attention to the corresponding maintenance according to different use environments. When using it, we should pay attention to avoid it being affected by the environment, so as to ensure its quality effect.