Garden Accessories Manufacturers

Our garden accessories include ground spikes, seeders, rain gauges, hole punches, water separators, screens, climbing racks, rakes, and other garden tool accessories. There are many types and reliable quality. Sample customization.

  • CP-01

    Item: CP-01
    Category: Earth nail
    Material: PP
    Weight: 6g
    Size: 3x1.5x15cm
    Packaging: 6pcs/pe bag
    Carton size: 53x34x55/120sets
    N.W/G.W: 4.4/5KGS
  • CP-02

    Item: CP-02
    Category: Garden seeder
    Material: PP PS
    Weight: 22g
    Size: 12.6*6.8*1.5cm
    Packaging: OPP bag
    Carton size: 35*19*17/100pcs
    N.W/G.W: 2.2/2.5kgs
  • CP-03

    Item: CP-03
    Category: Rain gauge
    Material: PS
    Weight: 56g
    Size: 2.6x4.5x24.8cm
    Packaging: PE bag
    Carton size: 37x26x54/160pcs
    N.W/G.W: 9/9.5KGS
  • CP-06 CP-07

    Item: CP-06
    Category: Mesh screen
    Material: PP
    Weight: 36g
    Size: 15.9*5cm
    Packaging: Label
    Carton size: 33*33*47/200pcs
    N.W/G.W: 7.3/7.9kgs
    Item: CP-07
    Category: Mesh screen
    Material: PP
    Weight: 60g
    Size: 20.8*5.5cm
    Packaging: Label
    Carton size: 43*43*26/100pcs
    N.W/G.W: 6.1/6.8kgs
  • CP-08

    Item: CP-08
    Category: Punch
    Material: PP
    Weight: 97g
    Size: 11.5*18.5*2cm
    Packaging: OPP bag
    Carton size: 41.5x22.5x35/72pcs
    N.W/G.W: 7/7.5kgs
  • CP-09

    Item: CP-09
    Category: Water knockout trap
    Material: PP PVC
    Weight: 66g
    Size: 11X30cm
    Packaging: Paper card+PE bag
    Carton size: 33x33x34/60pcs
    N.W/G.W: 3.9/4.4kgs
  • CP-12

    Item: CP-12
    Category: Line fixd
    Material: PP
    Weight: 125g
    Size: 23.5X15.7X13.7cm
    Packaging: Hang-tag
    Carton size: 46X25X52/60pcs
    N.W/G.W: 7.5/8KGS
  • CP-13

    Item: CP-13
    Category: Lawn claws
    Material: PP
    Weight: 130g X 2PCS
    Size: 36x29x3cm
    Packaging: PVC bag
    Carton size: 39x37x38/24sets
    G.W/N.W: 8.6/9KG
  • CP-15

    Item: CP-15
    Category: Climbing frame small
    Material: PP
    Weight: 16g
    Size: 31x19cm
    Packaging: Cable tie
    Carton size: 33X32X24/100pcs
    N.W/G.W: 1.7/2.1KG
  • CP-16

    Item: CP-16
    Climbing frame
    Material: PP
    Weight: 14g
    Size: Φ17.5CM
    Packaging: 10PCS/sheaf
    Carton size: 36*36*47/36sheaf
    N.W/G.W: 4.8/5.4kgs
  • CP-33

    Item: CP-33
    Category: Simulated stone
    Material: PE
    Weight: 2100g
    Size: 43*40.5*56cm
    Packaging: Label
    Carton size: 102*41.5*44/4pcs
    N.W/G.W: 8.4/9kgs

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Zhejiang Mingyuan Garden & Leisure Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of plastic garden products. Our company was founded in 2006, we have a wealth of industry experience and a long history, our specialized products are watering cans, sprayer bottles, plastic bird feeders, plastic fences,umbrella series, and garden tools.

With the kind supports from staff, suppliers, and customers, we have successfully sold our products to more than 30 countries and regions including the USA, Russia, Germany, the UK, Japan, etc. We sincerely welcome you to visit our company or contact us for cooperation!

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Industry Knowledge Extension

What Does Garden Accessories Include?

Gardening accessories are essential tools and equipment used to enhance the gardening experience and make it more manageable. Here are some gardening accessories commonly used in gardening:

1. Garden Gloves - used to protect the hands from injuries and scratches when handling plants and gardening tools.

2. Pruners and Shears - used to cut through tough stems, branches, and plants. They are essential in maintaining the garden's appearance and growth.

3. Garden Trowels - used for planting or digging small holes when transplanting seedlings or planting new seeds.

4. Garden Forks -used for digging deep into the soil to break up the compacted soil, making it easier for plants to grow.

5. Rakes -used to gather leaves and debris in your garden without damaging the plants. They help to keep the garden clean and tidy.

6. Hoses - used for watering plants and the garden bed. Different hoses are available, including expandable hoses, retractable hoses, and soaker hoses that are suitable for different gardening needs.

7. Watering Cans - used for small watering tasks to water plants that need only a little water, making it easier to avoid overwatering or sectioning out certain areas.

8. Plant Stands - used to display potted plants, keeping them off the ground and easy to manage.

9. Plant Labels - used to identify plants and seedlings and to keep track of their growth progress.

10. Kneeling Pads - used to provide comfort when kneeling or sitting in the garden while working.

In summary, gardening accessories include a wide range of essential tools and equipment used to ease gardening tasks, protect hands, and maintain the garden's appearance and growth.

Common Characteristics Of Plastic Gardening Tools

Plastic gardening tools are popular among gardeners due to their lightweight and affordable nature. They are also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them versatile and accessible for various gardening tasks. Below are some common characteristics of plastic gardening tools:

1. Lightweight: Plastic gardening tools are lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and move around. They are suitable for gardeners with limited strength and mobility, as they can reduce fatigue and strain.

2. Durable: Despite their lightweight nature, plastic gardening tools are robust and durable. They are designed to withstand different weather conditions and can last for years with proper maintenance, making them a cost-effective option.

3. Affordable: Plastic gardening tools are relatively inexpensive compared to tools made from other materials. They are accessible to gardeners on a budget or those starting with gardening, making them a popular choice.

4. Easy to clean: Plastic gardening tools are easy to clean and maintain. They are not prone to rust, and dirt can be quickly wiped away, often with just soap and water.

5. Colorful: Plastic gardening tools come in various bright colors, making them easy to spot in the garden and less likely to be lost. Additionally, different colors can be used to indicate which tool is for which task.

6. Versatile: Plastic gardening tools are available in different shapes and sizes, making them versatile and suitable for various gardening tasks. They can be used for digging, pruning, raking, and even watering plants.

7. Safe: Plastic gardening tools are generally safe to use, as they do not have sharp edges that can cause injuries. This feature makes them well suited for children and novice gardeners.

8. Environmentally friendly: Some plastic gardening tools are made from recycled plastic or biodegradable materials, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In summary, plastic gardening tools have several common characteristics such as being lightweight, durable, affordable, easy to clean, colorful, versatile, safe, and environmentally friendly. These features make them a popular choice for gardeners, especially those on a budget, starting with gardening, or looking for lightweight and easy-to-use tools.