Electric Garden Sprayer Manufacturers

The small electric sprayer uses a 18650 large-capacity lithium battery, which has a long battery life and fast charging. One-button switch, say goodbye to pressure, say goodbye to air leakage, and say goodbye to bursting. Equipped with a telescopic extension rod, it can be flexibly expanded, with a wide range of applications and strong controllability. One-button start, no need to pressurize and inflate, use quickly, and people will not be tired. It is usually equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, no need to carry it, and it will not be tired for a long time and save effort. Electric garden sprayers are designed to be more efficient and easier to use than manual sprayers because the electric motor takes care of pumping and pressurizing the container. Its nozzle has two spraying effects, which can be adjusted to atomize, the water is fine and the spraying range is wide. It can also be adjusted into a water column, and the straight jet has a long range. A variety of styles and colors can be customized.

  • MY2121-gun

    Item: MY2121-gun
    Name: Electric spray gun
    Material: ABS PP PVC
    Weight: 530g
    Inner box: 32.5*10.5*6.5cm
    Packaging: Inner box
    Carton size: 44*33.5*41/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 10.6/11.1kgs
  • MY2120-gun

    Item: MY2120-gun
    Name: Electric spray gun
    Material: ABS PP PVC
    Weight: 520g
    Inner box: 32.5*10.5*6.5cm
    Packaging: Inner box
    Carton size: 44*33.5*41/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 10.4/10.9kgs
  • MY2111E

    Item: MY2111E
    Name: Electric sprayer
    Material: PP ABS PE PVC
    Capacity: 5L
    Weight: 700g
    color box: 18*18*34.5cm
    Packaging: Color box
    Carton size: 56*37.5*35.5/6pcs
    N.W/G.W: 5/5.5kgs
  • MY2112E

    Item: MY2112E
    Name: Electric sprayer
    Material: PP ABS PE PVC
    Capacity: 8L
    Weight: 800g
    color box: 18*18*47cm
    Packaging: Color box
    Carton size: 56*37.5*48/6pcs
    N.W/G.W: 6/6.6kgs
  • MY2121

    Item: MY2121
    Name: Electric sprayer
    Material: PP ABS PE PVC
    Capacity: 5L
    Weight: 700g
    Inner box: 31*20.5*26CM
    Packaging: Inner box
    Carton size: 63*63*53.5/12pcs
    N.W/G.W: 9.6/10.2kgs
  • MY2120

    Item:        MY2120
    Name:  Electric sprayer
    Material: PP ABS PE PVC
    Capacity: 4L
    Weight:      650g
    Inner box: 26.5*14.5*26CM
    Packaging: Inner box
    Carton size:  60*54.5*53/16pcs
    N.W/G.W: 12/12.6kgs

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Zhejiang Mingyuan Garden & Leisure Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of plastic garden products. Our company was founded in 2006, we have a wealth of industry experience and a long history, our specialized products are watering cans, sprayer bottles, plastic bird feeders, plastic fences,umbrella series, and garden tools.

With the kind supports from staff, suppliers, and customers, we have successfully sold our products to more than 30 countries and regions including the USA, Russia, Germany, the UK, Japan, etc. We sincerely welcome you to visit our company or contact us for cooperation!

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Industry Knowledge Extension

Comparison Between Electric Sprayers And Manual Sprayers

Comparable Electric Sprayers and Manual Sprayers have similarities and differences in terms of their operation and functionality. Here are the key points:


1. Purpose: Both electric sprayers and manual sprayers are used to apply liquids, such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or water, onto plants and surfaces.

2. Liquid Capacity: Both types of sprayers have containers or tanks to hold the liquid being sprayed.

3. Portability: While electric sprayers are typically larger and heavier due to the inclusion of a motor and battery, both electric and manual sprayers offer portability and ease of use.


1. Power Source: Electric sprayers are powered by an electric motor and battery, whereas manual sprayers rely on manual operation, usually through pumping or pressurizing the container.

2. Operation: Electric sprayers have a trigger or switch that activates the motor and pumps the liquid out of the nozzle. Manual sprayers require manual pumping or pressurizing to build pressure and spray the liquid.

3. Spray Control: Electric sprayers often provide more precise spray control, allowing users to adjust the spray pattern, flow rate, and droplet size. Manual sprayers may have limited spray control options.

4. Effort and Fatigue: Electric sprayers require less physical effort compared to manual sprayers, as they do not require manual pumping or pressurizing.

5. Continuous Operation: Electric sprayers can provide continuous spraying without the need for manual pumping, allowing for longer spraying sessions. Manual sprayers may require periodic breaks for pumping or pressurizing.

Overall, electric sprayers offer the advantage of convenience and ease of use, especially for larger areas or prolonged spraying tasks. Manual sprayers, on the other hand, are generally more affordable, portable, and suitable for smaller-scale applications or areas where access to electricity may be limited. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements, scale of the job, and personal preference of the user.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Electric Garden Sprayer?

Here are some benefits of using an electric garden sprayer:

1. Time and labor-saving: Compared to manual sprayers, electric garden sprayers can help you complete spraying tasks faster, reducing labor intensity. With no need for manual pumping or applying pressure, you can simply press a button or trigger to activate the electric sprayer, saving time and energy.

2. Uniform spraying: Electric garden sprayers provide consistent spraying pressure and a continuous spray, ensuring even coverage of the target area. This helps ensure the effective application of chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers, avoiding wastage and uneven spraying.

3. Adjustable performance: Most electric garden sprayers have adjustable spray modes, spray volume, and spray range. You can customize these settings to suit the spraying requirements of different plants and scenarios. This flexibility allows for precise and tailored spraying based on specific needs.

4. Improved efficiency: Electric garden sprayers typically have larger liquid capacities and longer spray durations. This means you can work continuously for longer periods without the need for frequent refills of the spray liquid. This is particularly beneficial for handling large areas or requiring multiple spray applications.

5. Precision control: Electric garden sprayers offer more precise spray control, allowing you to better address the spraying needs of different plants and applications. You can adjust the intensity, range, and direction of the spray as needed, achieving accurate and customized spraying.

6. Versatility: Electric garden sprayers can be used for various gardening, agricultural, and weed control tasks. Whether you need to apply pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or liquid fertilizers, an electric sprayer can accommodate your needs and adapt to different spraying applications.

Please note that different models and brands of electric garden sprayers may have different features and benefits. When selecting an electric sprayer, consider factors such as battery life, nozzle options, ease of cleaning, and overall durability to ensure it meets your specific requirements.