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A garden sprayer is a tool used for applying liquids such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to plants and other outdoor surfaces. It consists of a container for holding the liquid, a hand-operated pump for pressurizing the container, and a spray nozzle for dispensing the liquid in a fine mist or stream. Garden sprayers come in various sizes and designs, from handheld pump sprayers for small gardens to backpack sprayers for larger areas. They are often made of durable materials such as plastic or stainless steel and can be powered by hand, electricity, or gas. Some garden sprayers are also equipped with additional features such as adjustable spray patterns and pressure release valves. As a professional garden sprayer manufacturer, we mainly provide customers with PE spray bottles, PET spray bottles, hand pressure sprayers, garden knapsack sprayers and electric garden sprayers, and other types of sprayer products.

  • MY0195

    Item: MY0195
    Name: Sprayer bottle
    Material: PP+PET
    Capacity: 500ml
    Weight: 48g
    Size: 8.2*11*21cm
    Packaging: Hang-tag
    Carton size: 53*43*30/48pcs
    G.W/N.W: 2.8/2.3kgs
  • MY2101

    Item: MY2101
    Name: 1Lspray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 1L
    Weight: 240g
    Size: 10.5*18*28cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 61*46*31/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 4.8/5.5kgs
  • MY2102

    Item: MY2102
    Name: 2L spray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 2L
    Weight: 280g
    Size: 13*18*31.5cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 63*53*32/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 5.6/6.2kgs
  • MY2103

    Item: MY2103
    Name: 3L spray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 3L
    Weight: 340g
    Size: 13.5*18*33.5cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 68*57*35/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 6.8/7.5kgs
  • MY2104

    Item: MY2104
    Name: 2L spray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 2L
    Weight: 350g
    Size: 12*24.5*34cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 67*55*35/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 7/7.7kgs
  • MY2105

    Item: MY2105
    Name: 2L spray
    Material: PP
    Capacity: 2L
    Weight: 406g
    Size: 13.8*24.5*34cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 69.5*57*35.5/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 8.1/8.8kgs
  • MY2106

    Item: MY2106
    Name: 2L spray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 2L
    Weight: 334g
    Size: 13.5*18*32cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 65*55*33/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 6.7/7.3kgs
  • MY2107

    Item: MY2107
    Name: 1.2L spray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 1L
    Weight: 240g
    Size: 12*17.5*31cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 53*53*31/16pcs
    N.W/G.W: 3.9/4.5kgs
  • MY2108

    Item: MY2108
    Name: 1L spray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 1L
    Weight: 245g
    Size: 11*18*26.7cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 53*53*28/16pcs
    N.W/G.W: 4/4.6kgs
  • MY2105P

    Item: MY2105P
    Name: 2L spray
    Material: PP
    Capacity: 2L
    Weight: 406g
    Size: 13.8*24.5*34cm
    Packaging: Label+opp bag
    Carton size: 71*58*35.5/20pcs
    N.W/G.W: 8.1/8.8kgs
  • MY2111

    Item: MY2111
    Name: 5L spray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 5L
    Weight: 900g
    Size: 17.5*41cm
    Packaging: Color box
    Carton size: 56.6*38*45/6pcs
    N.W/G.W: 7/7.5kgs
  • MY2112

    Item: MY2112
    Name: 8L spray
    Material: PE+PP
    Capacity: 8L
    Weight: 1120g
    Size: 17.5*53cm
    Packaging: Color box
    Carton size: 55.5*37*53.5/6pcs
    N.W/G.W: 8.4/9kgs

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Material Advantages Of Plastic Garden Sprayer

Plastic garden sprayers offer several material advantages that make them a popular choice for gardeners. Here are some key material advantages of plastic garden sprayers:

1. Lightweight: Plastic garden sprayers are lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and maneuver during spraying tasks. The lightweight nature of plastic sprayers reduces user fatigue and allows for more comfortable and prolonged use.

2. Durability: Plastic sprayers are known for their durability. They are resistant to impact, scratches, and general wear and tear, making them suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions. Plastic sprayers can withstand accidental drops or rough handling without easily breaking or cracking.

3. Chemical Resistance: Plastic sprayers are designed to be chemically resistant, allowing them to safely hold and dispense a variety of liquids, including pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other gardening solutions. They are less likely to react with the chemicals being sprayed, ensuring the integrity of both the sprayer and the substances being used.

4. Cost-effective: Plastic garden sprayers are generally more affordable compared to sprayers made from other materials such as stainless steel or brass. They offer a cost-effective option for gardeners who require a functional and reliable sprayer without breaking the budget.

5. Versatility: Plastic sprayers come in various shapes and sizes, offering versatility in their application. They can be used for spraying water, liquid fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning solutions, and other garden-related substances. Plastic sprayers often feature adjustable nozzles or spray patterns, allowing users to customize the spray for different gardening tasks.

6. Ease of Maintenance: Plastic garden sprayers are relatively easy to clean and maintain. They can be rinsed with water or cleaned with mild soap to remove residue from chemicals or dirt. Plastic materials are less likely to corrode or rust, simplifying the maintenance process.

7. Transparent Design: Many plastic sprayers have a transparent or semi-transparent design, allowing users to see the liquid level inside the container. This feature makes it easier to monitor the amount of liquid remaining and helps prevent running out of spray during tasks.

8. Availability: Plastic garden sprayers are widely available in garden centers, home improvement stores, and online retailers. They come in various sizes and designs, making it easier to find a sprayer that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Overall, the material advantages of plastic garden sprayers, including lightweight design, durability, chemical resistance, cost-effectiveness, versatility, ease of maintenance, transparent design, and wide availability, make them a practical and popular choice for gardeners of all levels.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Purchasing A Garden Spray Bottle?

When purchasing a garden spray bottle, several factors should be considered to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some important factors to consider:

1. Material: Consider the material of the spray bottle. Common options include plastic (such as PE or PET), stainless steel, or glass. Each material has its own advantages and considerations. Plastic bottles are lightweight and durable, while stainless steel and glass bottles may offer better chemical resistance and a more premium feel.

2. Capacity: Determine the desired capacity of the spray bottle based on your gardening needs. Consider the size of your garden or the area you plan to use the spray bottle in. Smaller capacities, like 500 ml (16 oz), are suitable for smaller gardens or indoor use, while larger capacities, like 1-2 liters (32-64 oz), are better for larger outdoor gardens.

3. Sprayer Type: Different sprayer types provide different spray patterns and functions. Common sprayer types include mist, stream, cone, and adjustable nozzle sprayers. Consider the specific tasks you'll be performing and choose a sprayer type that suits your needs. For example, mist sprayers are ideal for gentle, wide coverage, while stream sprayers are useful for targeted spraying.

4. Durability: Look for a spray bottle that is durable and built to withstand regular use in a garden environment. Consider factors like the quality of the materials, construction, and overall sturdiness. A durable spray bottle will last longer and withstand potential drops, impacts, and exposure to outdoor elements.

5. Ergonomics: Consider the ergonomics and comfort of the spray bottle. Look for features like an ergonomic handle, easy-to-use trigger mechanism, and comfortable grip. These features will make prolonged use more comfortable and reduce hand fatigue.

6. Chemical Compatibility: If you plan to use the spray bottle for chemical applications like pesticides or fertilizers, ensure that the bottle and its components are compatible with the substances you will be using. Check if the bottle is labeled as chemical-resistant and suitable for the specific chemicals you intend to use.

7. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Consider the ease of filling, using, and maintaining the spray bottle. Look for features like a wide-mouth opening for easy filling, a clear measurement scale for accurate mixing, and easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance.

8. Price and Brand: Consider your budget and compare prices among different brands. It's also helpful to research and choose a reputable brand known for producing quality gardening products.

By considering these factors, you can choose a garden spray bottle that meets your specific needs, ensuring a convenient and effective spraying experience for your gardening tasks.